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Obtaining a Certified Delaware Criminal History

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Fingerprint Locations

Beginning September 11, 2023 the State Bureau of Identification will be scheduling fingerprint appointments at 9 locations. Hours of operation at Delaware State Police sites and partner sites can be found on the provided link. Most partner sites offer extended hours, to include weekend hours. We offer services in the following areas: Wilmington, Newark (x2), Middletown, Dover (x2), Milford, Georgetown, and Seaford.


Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a fingerprint appointment or to utilize our mail-in service, please click on the below link. We will not be accepting mail-in services at our locations. Any mail-in requests sent to our locations will see significant delay.


The agency, entity, or organization requiring you to get fingerprinted should have provided you a service code. This service code will be necessary for you to complete your registration process. If you do not have a service code, please contact the agency, entity, or organization requesting your certified criminal history and obtain their service code.

The fee for a certified State of Delaware Criminal History is $72.00.

The fee for a certified State of Delaware and Federal Criminal History (must be mandated by law) is $85.00.

Please see the registration page for available payment options. A certified criminal history report is obtained through fingerprints. You must provide identification. Accepted forms of identification are identified on the registration page.


Personal Criminal History Report

The service code to receive a personal certified Delaware Criminal History report is 27RVGT. Please note that this report will not fulfill the criminal history report for legally mandated agencies, entities, or organizations. This report is for the personal use of a citizen and will only be issued to the requesting citizen.

Personal Criminal History – Service Code 27RVGT  

Please be advised, if this document is needed for use in a foreign country, after you receive your results you will need to come into our Dover office to have them further sealed before sending them to the Division of Corporations to be Apostilled/Authenticated. Our Dover office is located at 600 S. Bay Road, Dover, Delaware.


Printed Fingerprint Cards

If you are in need of a fingerprint card, please utilize service code 1111G2.Please note this selection will only provide you with a printed fingerprint card containing your fingerprints. This will not provide you with a background from the State Bureau of Identification. The cost of this service is $30.00.

Service Code 1111G2


Expungements or Pardons

The initial fee to apply for an expungement is $72.00. After your application is reviewed, you will receive documentation indicating your eligibility for a mandatory or discretionary expungement. If you qualify for a mandatory expungement, you must return your signed paperwork within 30 days of receipt and a money order payable to the Delaware State Police for $75.00. If you do not qualify for a mandatory expungement, you will receive literature concerning the discretionary expungement process. The service code to apply for an expungement is 27S23V.

Expungement Application – Service Code 27S23V


Delaware Volunteer Fire Service

The service code to receive a background for the Delaware Volunteer Fire Service is 27S47F. You should not use this code unless you have been directed here by a volunteer fire department.

Service Code 27S47F


Driving Privilege Card For Undocumented Immigrants

The service code to receive a background for a Driver Privilege Card for undocumented immigrants is 27S424. This must be completed prior to applying with the DMV. The cost of this service is $72.00. Please allow 5 days before responding to DMV.

Driving Privilege Card For Undocumented Immigrants – Service Code 27S424


Private School Registration 

The State Bureau of Identification (SBI), is pleased to announce that through the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, Delaware Private Schools now have the ability to obtain a State and Federal background check through SBI, effective May 1st, 2017. Private schools must be registered with SBI prior to any employee being processed. To register your private school, please complete the required form. The background checks will be issued directly to the school’s point of contact and will take substantially less time to complete then the current process of mailing fingerprints to the FBI directly.

Delaware Private School Background Check Form
(not for personal background check reports)



If you need any other information regarding a certified criminal history, please call (302) 739-5884.

For more information regarding other services, please choose appropriate link below:

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Driving Privilege Card (DPC) For Undocumented Immigrants
Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon Permit (CCDW)

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