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Off duty Troopers are allowed to work extra-duty (special duty) pay jobs authorized and approved by the Delaware State Police. Off duty Troopers are generally utilized for traffic control at locations needing special attention such as highway construction zones, business and large venues with anticipated traffic concerns, or to escort wide loads. Additionally, Troopers may be utilized to ensure public safety at public venues to include but not limited to sporting events, school functions, or other large venues where there is a demonstrated concern for public safety. The costs for the Trooper and vehicle is the responsibility of the person (vendor) requesting the services. No costs are incurred by the Delaware State Police.


All Troopers working an extra duty or pay job work the assignment on a voluntary basis. As such, the Delaware State Police does not guarantee that a job request will be filled in part or in full. An agreement by the Delaware State Police to accept a job is not a guarantee that a Trooper will volunteer for the assignment. The Delaware State Police may reject a request or require a minimum number of Troopers to ensure public and officer safety.


All jobs are invoiced at a minimum of 1.5 hours and may include charges for a police vehicle depending on the type of job. Rates are available upon request. All payments to Troopers will be made through State payroll system, do not attempt to pay the Trooper; you will be invoiced by the administrator after the job has been worked.


To request a Trooper call Jobs4Blue 24/7/365 at (877) 425-8330

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