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Honorary Commander Program

The Honorary Commander Program partners Delaware State Police Commanders with key community, business, and political leaders ideally within the Commander’s respective troop area in order to foster a mutually beneficial partnership. Program goals include encouraging an exchange of ideas, experiences and understanding with the benefit of building and strengthening the bond between the Division and the communities we serve. This program also aims to increase the Division’s involvement in civic endeavors and organizations while integrating members of the local community into the Delaware State Police family.

Each DSP commander will be paired with a key member of the Troop community as their Honorary Commander for a term of one (1) year. During their tenure, the Honorary Commander will be invited to attend Divisional ceremonial events to include Academy graduations, promotional ceremonies, award ceremonies, and memorial services. Additionally, they will be exposed to the Division’s operational mission through ride-alongs, training exercises, and special unit demonstrations. While the program’s primary objective is to provide insight into the inner workings of the Delaware State Police it is expected that the Honorary Commander will extend the same opportunities to their paired commander by exposing him or her to the Honorary Commander’s own professional environment.


Troop 1
Mr. James Herbert
Troop 7
Mr. Scott Kammerer
Troop 2 – Patrol
Mr. Daniel Harris
Troop 9
Dr. Amanda Conley
Troop 2 – CIU
Mr. Josh Hall
Aviation Section
Lt. Col. Michael Hales
Troop 3
Mr. LaMar Gunn
Training Academy
Rev. Dr. Christopher Bullock
Troop 4
Mr. Ken Adams
Office of Strategic Development
Mrs. Donna Bell and Mr. Harry Bell
Troop 5
Mr. Kevin Evans
State Bureau of Identification
Mrs. Jennifer Rambo
Troop 6
Mr. Ian Mclarthy
Traffic Section
Mr. Gerald Nagyiski


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