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Professional Licensing Section

Professional Licensing oversees the following industries:

1) Private Investigator & Private Security Agencies (PI & PSA) – Security Guards, Armed Guards, Private Investigators, Armored Car Guards, and their respective agencies.

2) Security Alarm Systems & Protective Services Agencies (SAS & PSA) – Alarm Employees and their agencies.

3) Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers, & Scrap Metal Processors (PBSS)

4) Constables – Entities and individuals.

5) Bail Enforcement Agents (BEA) – NOT Bail Bondsmen.

6) Retired Delaware State Police – HR 218 & CCDW – Retired DSP only.


Please fully review information on each particular industry or topic outlined below.

Individuals applying to be any of the following must review all requirements outlined under the industry topic, submit an application to Professional Licensing and be fingerprinted by IdentoGO. The email address to submit an Application to Professional Licensing is provided on the Application form. Directions to register and be fingerprinted through IdentoGO are provided under these topics as well.

  • Security Guard
  • Private Investigator
  • Armored Car Guard
  • Alarm Agency Employee
  • Bail Enforcement Agent
  • HR218 / Retired Delaware State Police ONLY

Businesses with a valid Business License in Delaware requesting Agency Licensure in Delaware must review all requirements outlined under the industry topic. All Agency requirements and Applications are provided under each topic. Individuals associated with these agencies as License Holders or Corporate officers must also be fingerprinted by IdentoGO. Directions for the Application process and IdentoGO are provided under each individual topic.

  • Security Guard and/or Private Investigative Agency
  • Armored Car Agency
  • Alarm Agency
  • Pawnbroker / Secondhand Dealer / Scrap Metal Processor

Please Note – Individuals who are required to have a Criminal History and submit fingerprints will now use IdentoGO/Idemia, a national provider of convenient, professional environments for live scan (electronic) fingerprinting services. All IdentoGO fingerprint services associated with a Professional Licensing Application will require the applicant to enter a Service Code which is outlined in each individual topic.

Information regarding IdentoGO locations and fees are provided when registering for a service and may vary based on the type of service and the state.


Individual Applicant Payments to IdentoGO/Idemia

IdentoGO will accept the following forms of payment from an Individual Applicant:

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express)
  • Debit cards (with a Mastercard or Visa logo)
  • Business/Agency Check – NO Personal checks accepted. Business/Agency Checks need to be made out to Idemia for the exact amount of the service and presented by the applicant at their appointment.
  • No Cost Authorization Code (NCAC) through IdentoGO – see below


Agency Payment to IdentoGO/Idemia

IdentoGO offers Agencies No Charge Authorization Codes (NCAC), also referred to as coupon codes. This service will allow Agencies to establish an account that is backed by a major credit card (currently VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX). Delaware NCAC Credit Card Package.pdf (

For Agencies needing an IdentoGO/Idemia W9 – IdentoGO W9

IdentoGO Fee & Payment Option Information – DE IdentoGO Fee & Payments

Security Guard Holding a Walky Talky

Security Guard/Unarmed
Security Guard/Armed
Security Agency


IdentoGO Service Code
Security Guard New & Renewal – 27RVNN

Learn More


Fingerprint technology

Private Investigator
Private Investigative Agency


IdentoGO Service Code
Private Investigator New & Renewal – 27RVQ3

Learn More



Amored Car Guards

Armored Car Guard/Unarmed
Armored Car Guard/Armed
Armored Car Agency


IdentoGO Service Code
Armored Car Guard New & Renewal – 27RVTG

Learn More



Alarm Key Pad

Alarm Company Employee
Alarm Agency


IdentoGO Service Code
Armored Car Guard New & Renewal – 27RVS1

Learn More


Gavel and Money

Bail Enforcement Agent
Bail Enforcement Agent/Armed


IdentoGO Service Code

Learn More






Delaware State Police – Professional Licensing Unit CONTACT or phone (302)739-5991

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