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Alarm Employee FAQ

• $105*
The Application fee includes fingerprinting, photo ID and background processing. The fee is paid directly through IdentoGO when making your initial appointment.

Applicants who apply individually (not pre-paid by the Entity/Employer) will have the following payment options:

  • Certified/Business Check
  • Money Orders
  • Credit Card

If your agency is set up to provide payments directly through IdentoGO, you will receive an IdentoGO coupon code from the agency.

*Applicants using IdentoGO from another state may have a different fee amount.

Come into our State Bureau of Identification Dover location and request a replacement. No appointment is necessary. Valid License holders fill out the application for replacement (see the link below) or complete one on site. A license must be valid to be replaced. The replacement fee is $10.00. License Identification cards will be mailed to the address listed on file. If requested, the individual may return to the Dover SBI office location only to retrieve their License Identification card in person.

Lost/Stolen/Name Change Application

Every effort is made to process licenses in a timely manner. If it has been more than ten (10) business days since the date of your application/fingerprints being submitted and you have not been advised of an issue, you may contact Professional Licensing.

Phone: (302) 739-5991

YES, and your Agency must provide verification on your application. Once employed by an Alarm Company it will be the agency’s responsibility to account for you on a mandatory monthly roster submitted to Professional Licensing.

You must notify the Professional Licensing via email –

Anyone who wishes to be licensed, under this chapter, as an Alarm Employee, must meet and maintain the following requirements:

1. Must be at least 18 years of age;

2. Must not have been convicted of any felony;

3. Must not have been convicted of any misdemeanor involving a theft-related offense, drug offense, or moral turpitude, within the last 7 years, and:

a. There are no more than 2 of such misdemeanors during such person’s lifetime; and

b. No misdemeanor conviction occurred during or as a result of employment in a capacity regulated by this chapter.

4. Must not have been, as a juvenile, adjudicated delinquent for conduct which, if committed by an adult would constitute a felony, unless and until that person has reached his or her twenty-first birthday;

5. If served in the armed forces, must not have been dishonorably discharged;

6. Must not be a member or employee of any law-enforcement organization, as defined by the Council of Police Training;

7. Must meet and maintain the qualifications set and approved by the Board of Examiners.

Your Alarm Employee License is valid for five (5) years. Your license expires on your actual birthdate. Your license can be used for employment at any Armored Car Agency licensed in Delaware.

If you request to pick up your license it would normally be available in 3-5 business days at the Dover State Bureau of Identification office location only. If your license is mailed it depends on the postal service delivery and you should allow at least ten (10) business days after the license is approved. Individual factors regarding your background may cause the process to take longer.

Your Application fee will NOT be returned if
• Your Application is rejected due to disqualifying charges or conditions
• You submit an application containing omissions or statements which are not true and correct
• You fail to respond and/or supply any request from Professional Licensing for additional information or documentation specifically requested about your application within thirty (30) days. Your application will also be destroyed at that time.
A certified letter will be sent to the address on the individual’s application by Professional Licensing. The letter will give you instructions for your next steps.
No, you must physically be in possession of your License Identification Card at all times while performing Alarm Employee duties. Delaware State Police Professional Licensing may conduct unannounced site inspections at any time.
No, you must apply for an Alarm Employee License. Delaware does not have reciprocity with any other states.

The process to renew your Alarm Employee License is the same as the process to initially obtain your license. Your Alarm Employee License is valid for five (5) years. We recommend starting the renewal process at least two (2) months before your expiration date.

No, you must have a valid license on your person while performing guard duties.

You must notify the Professional Licensing Section within five (5) business days, excluding weekends and holidays. Failure to report may result in the suspension or revocation of a license.

Come into our Dover SBI location and request a replacement (the link for the form in on the front page or there are copies at SBI). Valid License holders must fill out the application for replacement. A license must be valid to be replaced and the holder must present legal documentation proving the name change. The replacement fee is $5.00. License Identification cards will be printed on site.

You must notify the Professional Licensing via email –

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