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2nd Annual “Move Over” Tweet-Along

Date Posted: Thursday, May 24th, 2018

The 2nd Annual “Move Over” Tweet-Along is upon us. The #MoveOver18, a multi-agency  National Tweet-Along, is designed to bring awareness to motorists so emergency personnel and highway workers have a safe zone in which to work. This social media initiative will run for 24 hours on Friday, May 25, 2018.

Last year, approximately 120 agencies from across the nation and numerous Twitter accounts within those agencies participated in the 24-hour social media campaign actively sharing the very important “Move Over” message.

The “Move Over Law” states when approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle with lights flashing to slow down and safely move over. This includes Law Enforcement Agencies, Department of Transportation, EMS, Park Rangers, ambulances, fire trucks, fire police, tow trucks and public utility vehicles.

We appreciate all of our local allied partners who participate to reinforce this safety message! The more partners we have the stronger our message will be.

In advance of the upcoming summer travel season and the heavily traveled Memorial Day weekend, the Delaware State Police would like to issue a friendly reminder to motorists of the Delaware Move Over Law.

Delaware’s Move Over Law has been in effect since January 1, 2007:

• Requires any driver approaching a stopped emergency vehicle that has its lights activated, to either move over into a lane that is not next to the emergency vehicle, or to reduce his or her speed to a “safe speed” while passing the emergency vehicle if changing lanes would be impossible or unsafe.
• Emergency vehicles include: law enforcement vehicles, EMS vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, fire police and park rangers that have stopped on a roadway and have their lights activated.
• Law applies specifically to roadways having two or more lanes going in the same direction.
• The fine and fees for not moving over for an emergency vehicle is over $100.

Remember, moving over to give space to emergency personnel and highway workers isn’t just a courtesy—It’s the Law. Help Tweet the “Move Over” message to raise awareness of this important law – #MoveOver18.

The Delaware State Police, allied law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services thank you!

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