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Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Dealers, & Scrap Metal Processors

The licensure of a Pawnbroker, Secondhand Dealer or Scrap Metal Processor (PBSS) is governed by Title 24 Chapter 23 of the Delaware Code and the Rules and Regulations. For licensing purposes the definitions are as follows:

  • Pawnbroker – the business of lending money on the deposit or pledge of personal property or other valuable things; the purchase of personal property with an expressed or implied agreement or understanding to sell it back at a subsequent time at a stipulated price; or to lend money upon goods, wares or merchandise pledged, stored or deposited as collateral security.
  • Secondhand Dealer – the business includes any volume of selling or receiving previously owned, used, rented or leased tangible personal property.
  • Scrap Metal Processor – the business of selling or receiving any worn out or discarded metal, old iron, used plumbing fixtures, other metal, automobiles, automobile parts, chain, copper, lead, brass or other parts of machinery.

Criteria for licensure:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must not have been convicted of any Felony within 5 years of application date.
  • Must not be convicted of any misdemeanor involving theft or fraud within 5 years of application date.
  • Must not be convicted of any misdemeanor involving drugs within 3 years of application date.

Licensing Procedures:

Each business who is obtaining their initial license must complete a PBSS application. An individual who is applying must complete the PBSS Applicant application, page 2. If the business is a partnership or a corporation, each partner/corporate officer must complete the PBSS Partner/Corporate Officer application, page 3. Initial applications can be submitted at any time during the calendar year.

  • Must include Licensing Fee of $50.00 paid by company check, certified check, or money order made payable to Delaware State Police.
  • All correspondence should be sent to the address listed on the application letterhead.
  • Must include a copy of your State of Delaware Division of Revenue Business License.
  • Pawnbroker agencies must also maintain and submit a current copy of a $50,000 fire insurance policy. Please have your insurance agency use the below address for a certificate holder:

Delaware State Police
Professional Licensing
P.O. Box 430
Dover, DE 19903

Renewal Procedures:

Any business submitting a Renewal MUST submit the application in its entirety. You must also indicate any changes to your Criminal History. The renewal fee of $50.00 must be also be included.
Renewal applications and questions should be directed to:

Mrs. Ashley N. Bauguess
Professional Licensing
Delaware State Police
P.O. Box 430
Dover, DE, 19903
(302) 672-5337

  • Licenses must be displayed in the building whose address is listed on actual document.  All licenses will expire December 31st of each year.

PBSS New/Renewal License Application

Change in Agency Status:

Should a business have a change in address, phone number, e-mail, contact or ownership, an e-mail must be sent to ashley.bauguess@delaware.gov immediately.

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