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The mission of the Delaware State Police Recruiting Unit is to attract highly motivated and highly qualified individuals who represent a diverse cross section of our Delaware communities. Through our recruiting efforts, we maintain a close relationship with our schools, universities, churches and civic organizations to ensure that we are creating the highest quality applicant pool that will in turn provide quality police service in our communities statewide.


We believe that it is never too early to begin recruiting; therefore, much effort and resources are dedicated to our middle and high schools via in classroom presentations and attending career events sponsored by the schools. Our full-time and part-time Recruiters also attend college sponsored career fairs, military events targeting veterans and their families, and state and locally sponsored hiring events. Prospective applicants are kept abreast of their status as they navigate through the hiring process, always ensuring that all applicants meet the minimum qualifications set forth by the Division. In this mentoring role, the Recruiting Unit makes themselves available to the current and potential applicants by arranging ride alongs, conducting How to Succeed seminars, Mock PT tests, and allowing the applicants to meet with Recruiters on a one-on-one basis.


Trooper Recruiters present applicants with as many facts about policing in the 21st century, citing the inherent dangers and the many rewards and benefits of choosing a career with the Delaware State Police. Recruiters serve as role models of the Division’s high standards and are always seeking those individuals who express the desire and possess the qualifications to become a Delaware State Trooper. If you have a strong desire to serve and are interested in becoming part of an agency that is rich in tradition and history, contact a Recruiter today.



Jayson Jeffers
Sergeant Jayson Jeffers
Human Resources –
Full Time Recruiter
Phone: (302) 672-5410
Kristin Carroll
Corporal/3 Kristin Carroll
Human Resources –
Full Time Recruiter
Phone: (302) 672-5478

Adam Jewell Delaware State Police Recruiting Officer
Corporal/3 Adam Jewell
Human Resources –
Full Time Recruiter
Phone: (302) 672-5471


The Delaware State Police is an equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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