Trooper of the Year 2015

Each year the Delaware State Police Executive Staff selects one trooper for the Trooper of the Year Award. To be nominated, a trooper must exceed performance standards and be recognized by his or her peers as one who consistently displays integrity and work ethic.


This year, nine Delaware State Troopers were nominated. The Executive Staff selected Sgt. Dannaile Rementer from the Troop 4 Sussex County Drug Unit as the 2015 Trooper of the Year for her outstanding efforts and contributions to the Division and the citizens of Delaware.


Dannaile has been a member of the Division since September 8, 2006. In that time, she has established herself as a hard worker, who is highly motivated, detailed and very productive. Due to her tenacious work ethic and ability to work well with others, she was transferred into the Sussex County Drug unit on May 16, 2011 where she continued to excel in her capacity as an undercover drug detective. Amongst her peers in the law enforcement community, Detective Rementer is regarded as an expert in the area of clandestine methamphetamine laboratory investigations. In addition to emergency responses to these Hazmat scenes, she also proactively investigated methamphetamine labs to uncover them throughout Sussex County. She is highly skilled in this area and has been certified by the Drug Enforcement Administration at their clan lab school in Quantico, VA. Detective Rementer is routinely called upon by other members of the Delaware State Police, members of DNREC Waste and Hazardous Substance Team, and other agencies throughout the state for her expert opinion in clandestine methamphetamine laboratory investigations.


Her individual productivity statistics during 2015 are merely one reflection of her overall performance. Within the first six months of the year alone, she made 41 Felony and 12 Misdemeanor arrests. She individually seized 3,317 grams of marijuana, 281 grams of cocaine, 39.37 grams of crack cocaine, 3.802 grams of methamphetamine, and a remarkable 62.42 grams of heroin, a drug that is widely known as creating an epidemic across the country.


One stellar example of her impact on the heroin trade includes a several month long investigation she conducted in early 2015. Detective Rementer concluded this investigation by executing two search warrants located at the Sunrise Motel Seaford, DE where the total seizure included 8,088 bags of heroin, $7,537 in suspected drug sale proceeds, and a fully loaded Ruger 9mm handgun. Another significant example of Detective Rementer’s performance for 2015 was demonstrated during Operation “In the House” which initiated in March 2015. Detective Rementer was one of three investigators conducting this investigation. The Troop 4 Major Crimes Unit, Delaware State Police Homicide Unit, Sussex Drug Unit and the Delaware Department of Justice organized and conducted this operation, which targeted an organized crime enterprise. The suspects in the organization were involved in Homicides, Racketeering, Home Invasion Robberies, Illegal Weapons Possession and the Distribution of Illegal Narcotics. The performance of Detective Rementer in collaboration with others during the investigation resulted in one of the most successful and celebrated investigations in the history of the Delaware State Police. The initial phase of the operation ended with the execution of over 25 search warrants. At that time, a Sussex County Grand Jury indicted 30 individuals. As a result of the investigation, the following items were seized: 2,321.7 grams (over 2 kilograms) of cocaine, 108.03 grams of heroin, (over 7,200 bags of heroin), 7,921.65 grams of marijuana, .02 grams of methamphetamine, and 41 prescription narcotic pills. Investigators also recovered and seized $135,310.00 in suspected drug sale proceeds, 19 firearms, and 15 vehicles. Of greater importance, indictments were obtained for the defendant’s involvement in a Double Homicide and Home Invasion, which occurred on June 22nd, 2015.


Dannaile’s former supervisor, Sgt. Mark Dawson says, “Detective Rementer is an outstanding investigator who clearly possesses the characteristics of an elite Detective. Her character is that of a leader who is well respected amongst her peers. Her knowledge, skills, and ability combined with her strong work ethic are evident and exemplified in her performance during 2015.”


Dannaile’s Troop Administration says, “The personal characteristics of Detective Rementer allowed her to shine as a Detective and a leader in the Sussex Drug Unit. She is highly motivated with impeccable administrative skills and a willingness to go the extra mile for her fellow Detectives. She would always be willing to work long hours to help her team members with their respective investigations. Her work ethic is meticulous while she is always mindful of case law and drug unit policy and procedures to ensure successful prosecution of her cases. Detective Rementer is routinely tapped as an expert witness for her opinion and court testimony in reference to her fellow officers’ investigations.”


Sgt. Rementer represents the epitome for this prominent award.


Past Trooper of the Year Recipients