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These approvals are for individuals to instruct only to those individuals applying for a license through the Professional Licensing Section.

Approved Instructors


The Firearms 40 hour course covers ONLY a day and low light shoot. Another day shoot must be done within the calendar year – 90 days later. To remain qualified, firearms qualifications must be done three times per calendar year, with the two day shoots at least 90 days apart. The low light shoot may be combined with one of the day shoots. The 16-hour training and test is required when first applying and renewing your security guard identification card. Training for all other types of weapons shall be completed as required.

For Instructors Only: To become an approved instructor, please review the information at each link below:


Firearms Guidelines & Curriculum

Firearm Certification/Recertification Form

Bail Enforcement Agent Law Rules & Regulations- Firearms

Constables Law Rules & Regulations- Firearms

Firearms Security Guard – Armored Car Guard Law Rules & Regulations- Firearms

Firearm Weapon Change/Add Form

To become an approved instructor, please complete the form below:

  • Please submit proof of certification by the National Rifle Association, a law enforcement training and standards commission (i.e. C.O.P.T.), and/or another professional firearms training institution as a “certified firearms instructor”.

Instructor Information Form


Private Security Guard Training

Private Security Guard Training Certification Form

To become an approved security guard instructor you must have taken, and passed, the Train the Trainer course taught by Professional Licensing.



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