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The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) falls under the Department of Safety and Homeland Security and is comprised of a complement of civilian and sworn investigators under the direction of Director Gregory Nolt.

DGE is responsible for ensuring the integrity of Delaware’s gaming industry and accomplishes its mission by identifying contemporary, professional and ethical enforcement initiatives and is founded upon a three pronged organizational structure which include; Casino Background Investigations, Criminal Investigations and Intelligence. These three distinctive components, working together, provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring the integrity of the gaming industry.

The Casino Background Investigators consist of one supervisor, six background investigators and two Administrative assistants. The purpose of the civilian background investigations is to ensure that casino employees and companies associated with them meet the requirements of the Delaware Licensing law and they possess the financial responsibility, Honesty and Integrity required of a Delaware Gaming License.

The Criminal Investigations and Intelligence model consists of eight Delaware State Troopers and one agent from the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement. The primary function of criminal investigations is to investigate & prevent gaming crimes, promote public safety, gather pertinent intelligence information from multiple sources and developing actionable plans to facilitate effective and efficient policing activities. There is also one full-time Deputy Attorney General assigned to the unit for the Administration and Enforcement of DGE Objectives.

In 2015, Detectives investigated 524 complaints resulting in the seizure of $185,648.00 and 195 of the complaints were gaming related. The complaints consisted of 83 felony complaints, 234 misdemeanor complaints and 207 miscellaneous cases resulting in 443 criminal charges. The charges consisted of 190 felony charges and 253 misdemeanor charges. Forty-four individuals were carded by DGE, 11 individuals were arrested for underage gambling and 2 individual were arrested for underage drinking. DGE assisted outside agencies with 130 investigations and generated 59 security bulletins and 9 gaming intelligence reports. There were 5 Gaming employees arrested in 2015. DGE continues to focus on table game crimes, cheating schemes, structuring, money laundering and intelligence sharing to protect the integrity of Delaware’s gaming industry.

– Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report –

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