Mr. Mark Balfantz

The Delaware State Police Transportation Section is headed by Fleet Manager Mark Balfantz and supported by ten automotive technicians and an administrative specialist.

The section provides direct and indirect vehicle maintenance support for all eight patrol troops and Headquarters for a fleet of over 900 vehicles, consisting of a wide variety of vehicles ranging from 4-wheel all terrain vehicles to mobile command posts. The day-to-day maintenance operation ensures that a safe and serviceable fleet is readily available to support the various aspects of the law enforcement services provided by Delaware State Police.

The staff also handles the purchasing, and deployment of all divisional vehicles, as well as, the deactivation and sale of vehicles that are no longer needed or are not economically feasible to maintain. To enhance the more specialized law enforcement operations of the State Police the section adds forfeited vehicles to the fleet to be used for various unconventional operations when feasible.

With an annual budget of over four million dollars, the section maintains a cost center budget to fund fuel, parts, repairs for all assigned vehicles and vehicle replacements. Commercial maintenance services are incorporated in to the maintenance system and used for overflow work, specialized and the more time consuming repair tasks.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -