Captain Sean Moriarty

The Delaware State Police Training Academy is located on the headquarters complex in Dover, Delaware. The academy is a full time residential training facility. The academy staff is comprised of 14 unique individuals who are committed to providing divisional members and allied law enforcement agencies with the knowledge, skills, and abilities and skills necessary to provide compassionate, comprehensive public safety services to the citizens and visitors of the State of Delaware. The DSP Training Academy is comprised of three units, which provide a variety of training to law enforcement officers and civilian members throughout the region. Those units include canine training, firearms training, as well as, recruit, in-service and elective training at the main facility.

On November 1, 2015, Captain Sean E. Moriarty succeeded Captain Galen M. Purcell at the Academy as the Director of Training and Delaware Council on Police Training Administrator. As of December 31, 2015, the DSP Academy Staff was comprised of Lieutenant Joseph Spagnolo (Assistant Director of Training), Sergeant Frank Fuscellaro (Senior TAC Officer), Corporal Christopher Martin (TAC Officer), Corporal Devon Horsey (TAC Officer), Ms. Vanessa Laughman (Administrative Specialist) and Mr. James Howard (Culinary Specialist).

In 2015, the DSP Academy provided basic recruit training for the Division of State Police and many other Delaware law enforcement agencies. In February of 2015, 53 members of the 87th Delaware State Police (32 troopers) and 79th Municipal Recruit (21 officers) class successfully graduated from the academy and continued with their field training (FTO). In July of 2015, 42 members of the 88th Delaware State Police (21 troopers) and 80th Municipal Recruit (21 officers) class successfully graduated from the academy and continued with their field training (FTO). In September of 2015, 42 members of the 89th Delaware State Police and 81st Municipal Recruit class initiated training at the DSP Academy. The 38 remaining recruits are scheduled to graduate in February 2016.

The Academy staff provided mandatory and elective in-service training to incumbent members of the State Police and law enforcement agencies from throughout the region. Mandatory annual in-service training was provided to each member of the Division during the year predominantly in the form of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT). During that training, troopers trained with federal law enforcement and various municipal officers in an interactive and collaborative manner in order to prepare for an active shooter event. In addition, numerous elective in-service classes were provided throughout the year.

In June of 2015, the DSP Academy staff hosted the 44th Annual Trooper Youth Week in conjunction with the American Legion. Thirty five high school students representing 20 different high schools throughout the state spent a week at the DSP Academy learning about a career in law enforcement and recruit training.

Between January and April of 2015, the DSP Academy continued its partnership with Delaware Technical and Community College (DTCC) with the LEO program. Under the leadership of Corporal Christopher Martin, several DSP instructors taught various COPT courses with the DTCC criminal justice students as part of the DTCC and DSP Academy curriculum. The program allows students to complete a portion of the Academy training prior to being hired by a law enforcement agency.

In 2015, the Firearms Training Unit (FTU) was led by Lieutenant Douglas Deveney. As of December 31, 2015, the FTU instructional staff consisted of Sergeant John Maher, Corporal Donald Boulerice, Corporal Carey Brower and Corporal Ronald Malkin. The FTU trained every DSP Academy recruit, conducted spring and fall in-service training, administered the ALERRT training throughout the state, conducted LEOSA (HR 218) qualifications, and facilitated additional training for numerous municipal and state law enforcement agencies.

In 2015, the DSP Canine Training Unit was led by Corporal Jeffrey Miller and Corporal Leonard Aguilar. Those troopers oversaw the initial and recurrent training of 50 canine teams that included patrol, narcotic and explosive detection dogs throughout the state. In the spring they conducted an initial patrol certification class and a decoy class. In the summer and fall they held narcotic training certification courses. In the fall they also conducted an explosive certification course. They facilitated numerous canine demonstrations, terrain searches and educational events where canines were requested. They worked in conjunction with the school resource officers and administered narcotic searches in many schools. Additionally, they participated in several significant events including Dover Downs NASCAR Races, the Firefly Concert, Big Barrel Country Music Festival, Delaware Junction Country Music Festival, Amtrak and DRBA Ferry surge patrols and the Delaware State Fair.

Overall, the entire Delaware State Police training staff maintained a commitment to practicing the Delaware State Police’s mission, by “providing the citizens and visitors of Delaware with professional, competent and compassionate law enforcement services.” The men and women at assigned to the Delaware State Police Academy look forward to the many new challenges they will encounter and overcome in 2016.

  - Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -