Lieutenant Michael J. Wysock

The Tactical Control Unit (TCU) is currently made up of 50 sworn troopers who staff the unit on a part-time basis in addition to their regular duties. The mission of TCU is to provide the division with a trained response to mass protest events, civil disturbances, labor strikes, mass arrest events and to provide an added police presence at large scale events throughout the state. TCU is also responsible for providing security for any CDC Strategic National Stockpile deployments.

During 2015, TCU was extremely busy and deployed a total of 17 times. These deployments included providing security at several large events such as Delaware State University Homecoming. TCU also deployed and assisted with security at multiple protest rallies. TCU deployed for two statewide warrant execution operations. TCU participated in a federally graded Strategic National Stockpile exercise.

The Tactical Control Unit trains on a bi-monthly basis in tactical formations, cordon operations, delivery of chemical and less-lethal munitions and specified security details for large events. Training also consists of qualifying with all divisionally issued firearms after donning gas masks and other issued protective equipment. During 2015, the unit conducted joint riot control training with the Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Capitol Police and University of Delaware Police departments. TCU for the first time began conducting training with Delaware Army National Guard. TCU participated in two large scale crowd control exercises as well as two large scale active shooter exercises.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -