Sergeant Rodney L. Workman

The Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T.) provides the Division with a tactical response to the following: hostage incidents, armed barricade incidents, high-risk warrant service, high-risk vehicle stops, dignitary protection, surveillance assistance and any crisis situation deemed appropriate by the Executive Staff. During 2015, the team responded to 143 calls for service. Through professionalism, dedication, training and state of the art equipment, the Special Operation Response Team conducted these activations in a safe and successful manner. Training continues to be the main contributing factor for success as team members attended several training events to sharpen their skills. As a part-time team, members continue to perform in an exemplary manner both in the performance of their primary duties within the Division and team assignments within S.O.R.T.

The team continues at a pace rivaling some full-time tactical teams, responding to 143 calls for service, an increase of 27 activations from the previous year. The team reacted to armed barricades, numerous high-risk warrants and vehicle stops. The team was activated for three critical incidents in 2015, as well as, conducting two search warrants on active Methamphetamine labs. The majority of the team deployments involved high-risk warrant executions and vehicle stops for the Special Investigations Unit/Drug Units. The team continues to work closely with Special Investigation Units and Troop Commands providing tactical support executing search warrants, apprehending violent suspects and conducting high-risk vehicle stops. Additionally, sniper-observers provided surveillance support to both the Special Investigations Units and Criminal Units statewide. Using state of the art optics and night vision equipment, sniper-observers continue to be a valuable intelligence gathering and surveillance tool.

The team continues to send members to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, SC for a Commercial Vessel Boarding Course. This course taught basic ship boarding skills on vessels in port and also while underway. The team currently has all members trained in maritime tactical operations. During 2015, the team assisted the Department of Homeland Security (Immigration and Customs) with boarding three ships that were anchored in the Delaware Bay. The team provides security for DHS while they finger printed and interview Foreign Nationals prior to their arrival at the Ports of Wilmington & Philadelphia.

The team continues to provide support operations to the division at a tempo few can endure while maintaining high standards at their primary Divisional assignment. During the past two years, the Special Operations Response Team has been activated for 259 incidents. The operational tempo of the team continues to rival that of full-time teams across the country with the anticipation of 2016 being no different. The training demands have also increased significantly with the introduction of Maritime tactical operations in support of homeland security missions, advanced equipment and skill sets, as well as, the emergence of methamphetamine labs that have slowly migrated across the US and have found their way into Delaware communities. The Special Operations Response Team will continue to react to the requests of the Division with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.

  - Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -