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Delaware State Police


To perform the duties of State Trooper, an applicant must demonstrate good judgment, thoroughness, conscientiousness, common sense, motivation, and enthusiasm for the job. Troopers must be dependable and willing to get involved in order to help deal with the problems of today's society. Troopers must be able to assume responsibility, make decisions often under pressure, work without supervision, follow orders, function in physical danger, act under pressure, communicate well, and combine physical and mental resources.

Duties and Responsibilities

A Delaware State Trooper performs the following duties of patrol, investigation, troop duties, maintenance activities, and special assignments:

  • Patrol duties involve directing traffic; assisting lost, stranded or disabled motorist; approaching motorist on routine or non-routine violations; making arrests; controlling crowds; and supporting other troopers in stressful situations. Other patrol duties involve inspecting and safeguarding property, responding to bank alarms, chasing violators on foot, checking buildings at night for burglaries. Investigative duties include interviewing complainants and witnesses; aiding injured people; handling fatal accidents and crime scenes; responding to complaints involving vicious animals; using deadly force; interrogating suspects; and executing search and arrest warrants.
  • Troopers are required to perform troop duties such as sending and receiving radio and teletype messages; maintaining troop records; responding to telephone inquires concerning such things as road conditions, locations, and the law; and preparing written memoranda and reports.
  • Troopers must maintain a good personal appearance and physical condition. Troopers are tested on a regular basis throughout their career to ensure they maintain sufficient aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, coordination, flexibility, percentage of body fat, and sufficient levels of neurological senses to safety and effectively perform job functions. Other responsibilities include proper care of division equipment, uniforms, and vehicles; and maintaining a clean and orderly troop.
  • Assignments are varied and may include securing major disaster areas, participating in community and public relations programs, escorting dignitaries, conducting speeches or lectures, training recruits and or counseling youth. Manpower scheduling includes working weekends, holidays, overtime, and inclement weather. Assignments may be physically demanding including shift work. Patrol officers normally work a twelve (12) hour rotating shift, working a maximum of three (3) consecutive days. Troopers are frequently required to either substantially delay or forego regular meals.

The duties of a trooper may become unpredictably hazardous and require acute use of senses to discern various stimuli of danger. Troopers typically operate alone and backup assistance is frequently not immediately available. Troopers are often required without preparation to run long distances, traverse rough terrain quickly, climb obstacles, remove injured of unconscious people from harms way, engage in physical confrontations using offensive and defensive tactics to subdue combative individuals, and to effect a forceful arrest.

This description is illustrative only and is not intended to represent the actual job description or imply that all duties are required knowledge, skill and abilities are listed.

  • Following recruit training at the Delaware State Police Training Academy, all troopers begin their career as a patrol officer. Delaware State Police sponsored training internally or outside the division provide opportunities for developing special skills to work in the following Delaware State Police units:
Aviation Public Information Officer
Canine School Resource Officer
Conflict Management Scuba Team
Criminal Intelligence  Special Operations Response Team
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) Tactical Control Unit
Domestic Violence Unit Trooper Advisor/Counselor
Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit Trooper Medic
Executive Protection Unit Trooper Recruiter
Firearms Training Unit Video Lottery Enforcement Officer
Homicide Unit  


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