Ms. Kimberly Cuffee

The primary goal of the Purchasing, Supply and Graphic Section is to provide service, supplies and equipment to all DSP employees and sections with professionalism, efficiency and accuracy. This section utilizes all available State & Federal resources to supply division members with what is necessary to conduct day-to-day business. The Section is staffed with four civilians: Kimberly Cuffee - Purchasing Administrator, Sussanne Jara - Purchasing Services Coordinator, Lewis Rosebrooks - Supply Technician, and Suzanne Webster - Graphics Artist. With only having four employees, this section is able to streamline operations and cross train to meet, the growing needs and demands of the Division’s employees.

With the budget amount allocated to this section in Fiscal Year 2015 the section covered the purchasing of supplies and contractual needs during the fiscal year. On the Purchasing and Supply side of the section, some of the responsibilities include approving purchases to ensure they meet the state purchasing laws, contracting, inventory control and asset management. In addition, this section oversees the division issued purchasing cards, reconciling/maintaining budget information and distribution of supplies to the various troops and sections. The responsibilities of the Graphic Section consist of providing and designing printed material, uploading press releases, maintaining the division’s website, identification photos and marking divisional vehicles.

Municipal departments and state agencies throughout the state utilize the division’s buying power by obtaining various forms and publications from this section. Having the Purchasing, Supply and Graphic Section as the central ordering location allows the entire state to save money and ensure all law enforcement agencies are using the same reporting forms. The section continues to be fiscally mindful by periodically performing cost analysis on stock items, conducting cost estimates, inventory audits and developing on-line inventory tracking methods. By doing so, this ensures the allocated funds are utilized in the best possible manner and equipment is inventoried.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -