Captain Glenn Dixon

The Planning and Research Section provides support to the Executive Staff reporting to the Deputy Superintendent. The Planning and Research Section continued to play an important role in the overall operation of the Division. Members of the section analyzed criminal and traffic statistics reporting the findings to the Delaware State Police Executive Staff and a variety of organizations within and outside the Division for use in making informed decisions regarding the allocation of personnel and material resources; budgetary requests and allocations; and policy decisions regarding the operation of the Division.

The Planning and Research Section facilitated events and meetings such as the DSP Chaplain’s Memorial, the DSP Memorial Service and the “Employees of the Year” ceremony. These events honor those who serve the citizens of the State of Delaware in an exemplary fashion and those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the State of Delaware. The section also facilitated the Troopers’ and Civilian Forums. These forums allowed the Executive Staff to meet with troopers and civilians to gain valuable input into the operation and future direction of the Division.

Members of the section continued to serve on a variety of councils and committees. The Planning and Research Section responded to surveys from other law enforcement agencies, conducted research in the areas of proposed laws, updated or assisted in creating new policy, studied staff allocation and conducted new building analysis.

Ms. Tammy Hyland, the sole DSP management/data analyst, works closely with the Division’s Traffic Control Section and the Delaware Office of Highway Safety. Ms. Hyland conducted analysis of traffic crash and enforcement data and provided information to members of both groups to aid in their efforts to make Delaware’s roadways safer.

The members of the Planning and Research Section played an important role in the success of the Delaware State Police in 2015 and look forward to the challenges that will be presented in 2016.

Staff Inspections and Accreditation

The Staff Inspections and Accreditation Office’s primary responsibility is to assure that the Division’s policies and procedures comply with the 484 standards established by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Additionally this unit is responsible for maintaining, reviewing, revising/updating and distributing all Divisional Policies and Standard Operating Procedures.

CALEA was formed to establish a body of standards designed to promote “Best Practices” in policing. In addition, the Commission was formed to develop an accreditation process that provides agencies an opportunity to voluntarily demonstrate that they meet an established set of professional standards.

In 1988, the Delaware State Police became the first department in Delaware to attain accreditation by CALEA. This is an on-going commitment consisting of a self-assessment, mock assessment and a comprehensive on-site inspection by CALEA assessors every three years. During the on-site inspection by the assessors, the Division must demonstrate compliance with all of the standards, at every facility, and be able to prove we have complied with all standards during the previous three years. Staffed by Sergeant William Nottingham and Master Corporal Patty Sennet-Wysock, the office accomplishes this task by maintaining files and proofs for each standard, continuously updating written directives, reviewing all new policies for compliance and conducting troop, vehicle and evidence storage locker inspections.

The Unit currently is preparing the Division for its ninth re-accreditation, which will take place in April 2016.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -