Sergeant Richard D. Bratz

The Public Information Office (PIO), led by SGT Richard D. Bratz (NCOIC), provides technical support to the various news media organizations and acts as a liaison between the Superintendent and the various units within the Delaware State Police. As the public “face” of our agency, the PIO strives to represent the Division with excellence and to uphold the pride and tradition that have been DSP’s hallmark since 1923. Available 24 hours a day, PIO team members are diligent as they perform their mission of providing factual information and assistance to any and all valid media inquiries, while realizing that the public gets its news through the eyes and ears of television, radio, and newspaper, and internet media outlets.

The Public Information Office is also tasked with the following responsibilities:
• Serves as a coordinator for the Delaware Amber Alert Program
• Coordinates the Division’s community outreach efforts
• Provide numerous community service presentations throughout Delaware
• Prepares Press Releases and Public Service Announcements
• Responds to media and public inquiries
• Assists field personnel with local media relations
• Coordinates Press Conferences
• Serves as Liaison with other government agency public relation offices
• Hosts and coordinates Divisional and public events and ceremonies
• Monitors Divisional Facebook social media account at
• Disseminated (911) News Releases to all media outlets

- Information obtained from 2014 DSP Annual Report -