Sergeant Richard D. Bratz

The Delaware State Police Public Information Office (PIO) continues the proud tradition of supplying the media and the public with timely, accurate and informative information on the day to day operations of the Division. The office operates on a 24 hour basis and on-call numbers are provided to Divisional personnel and members of the media for immediate contact, or response to critical incidents if requested.

Sergeant Richard D. Bratz is the Director of Public Information Office and is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and administrative duties that are associated with the office. Along with these administrative duties, he serves as a coordinator for the Delaware Amber Alert Program, oversees, and facilitates the Citizen’s Police Academy in all three counties.

Master Corporal Jeffrey Hale serves as the primary New Castle County Public Information Officer and Master Corporal Gary Fournier serves as the primary Kent and Sussex County Public Information Officer. In addition to their daily responsibilities as a PIO, they are also involved in numerous community service presentations throughout the State.

The Public Information Office is also tasked with the following responsibilities:
• Prepares Press Releases and Public Service Announcements
• Responds to media and public inquiries
• Assists field personnel with local media relations
• Coordinates Press Conferences
• Serves as Liaison with other government agency public relation offices
• Hosts and coordinates Divisional and public events and ceremonies
• Coordinates the Delaware Amber Alert program
• Assists the Community Outreach Unit
• Facilitates the Citizen’s Police Academy
• Creating and Maintaining a Social Media Strategy
• Creating and Sending Social Media Posts relevant to current issues
• Attend Relevant Training as well as staying current with in-service training

During 2015 the Public Information Office disseminated approximately (977) News Releases to all media outlets.

As public representatives of the Delaware State Police, the Public Information Office strives daily to represent the Troopers of the Division with excellence and to uphold the pride and tradition that has been with DSP since its beginning in 1923.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -