Major Michael J. McDonald (DSP Ret.)

The Information Technology Section is comprised of two separate areas; Information Support Services and Audit, Training and Validations.

The Audit, Training and Validations unit within the Information Technology Section handles the audit and training functions for compliance with the Division’s role as the Control Terminal Agency for NCIC and Nlets. Three full time employees support over 5,000 users accessing federal CJIS systems and other State databases in support of the criminal justice function. The units’ focus and purpose is to ensure the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of Delaware’s records in the 21 person and property files in NCIC and other federal CJIS systems. The three full time employees in this Section are Barbara Pollitt (auditor), Eric McNatt (trainer) and Linda Johnson (quality control).

Reporting directly to the Section Chief of the Information Technology Section is Information Support Services. Information Support Services is comprised of 12 full-time and three casual-seasonal employees. In addition, one contractual employee augments the application support area. The Section is responsible for application support, network operations, help desk support and mobile device installation and support to our entire Division. The 13 full-time employees are Kenneth Allen (Manager), Jamie Roy, John Caskey (network operations), Jonathan Gafford and Andreah Smith (help-desk support), Brandon Hart, Mary Stewart and Troy Bennett (application programming support), Ian Smith and Robert Halley (mobile support) and Mark Hartman (CAD Specialist) and Tammy Barletto (digital evidence). The three casual-seasonal employees are Linda Dove and Unique Washington (help-desk support) and Terri Shapter (application support). Our on-site contractor is Keith Caskey (application programming support).

Network administration employees manage the entire network under the control of the Division which provides access to over 100 systems to our users. Help-desk support provides technical support to the Division’s sworn and civilian users comprised of about 960 employees for all devices connected to the network as well as all applications running on the network. The Division’s mobile computing needs are managed by technicians who are responsible for installing and maintaining laptop computers, printers, modems and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) technology in the Division’s patrol vehicles. The application support group develops and maintains a variety of programs to address the internal needs relative to the overall management and operation of the Division.

Notable projects during the calendar year included our involvement in the construction of the new Troop 3 in Camden, an upgrade of our state message switch and user-interface software to a web-based application, the continued development of the Statewide CAD system for emergency 911 operations, the upgrade of our Biometric Identification System, the partial consolidation of our server inventory at the William Penn Operations Center managed by the Department of Technology and Information and an fact-finding/budgetary effort to research body worn camera technology for our uniformed patrol officers.

The Division is technology dependent and is able to meet its statutory responsibility because of the tireless and unselfish efforts of the men and women of the Information Technology Section who continue to take on every challenge knowing the key role they play in keeping Delaware’s citizens and visitors safe. They also recognize the role they play in our overall homeland security effort. The support role they fulfill cannot be understated and allows our Troopers to have the tools and technology they need to do their jobs safely and professionally.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -