Captain John A. Campanella

The Delaware State Police Human Resources Section provides a full array of critical services to more than 710 Troopers and over 220 civilian employees. These services include all on-boarding activities with recruiting, application processing, testing, pre-employment background investigations including polygraph examinations, and new employee orientation. In addition, the Human Resources Section is responsible for benefits and payroll, workmen’s compensation, Early Warning System, employee assistance, EEOC compliance, labor relations, internal transfer and competitive promotion processes, career development, wellness programs, fitness and weight monitoring as well as separation and retirement.

The Human Resource’s commitment to excellence comes from a team of dedicated civilian employees providing daily administrative functions and support for over 930 employees. In addition, the Human Resources Section is comprised of a Recruiting & Application Unit, Polygraph Unit, and Background Investigative Unit (BGI). The Human Resources team is currently led by Captain John Campanella (Director), Lieutenant Alexander Peterson (Assistant Director), Administrative/Legal Services Manager Ms. Monica Holmes, Payroll/Benefits/EEO Manager Ms. Rhonda Davis, Polygraph Unit Sergeant Christy Ballinger and Application/Recruiting/BGI Sergeant Jaime Dorsey-Sterner.

The Background Investigative Unit (BGI) is comprised of nine casual/season investigators that are retired Delaware State Troopers. The BGI Unit is responsible for conducting comprehensive in-depth investigations on all employees hired by the Division. At peak times in the application process, Troopers from around the state are temporarily transferred to HR to conduct background investigations on recruit troopers. In 2015, over 100 pre-employment background investigations were completed that underwent at least two levels of review for a decision.

The Polygraph Unit Detectives are all nationally certified examiners and, while assigned to Human Resources, are housed within the criminal investigative facilities across the State. This allows the polygraph examiners to assist the CIU units as needed with polygraph exams or assist other detectives. The Polygraph Unit is comprised of one sergeant, three full time examiners and three part time examiners. In addition, two former members of the unit, who were promoted out of the unit, continue to maintain their certification by assisting with examinations on a part time basis. During 2015 over 500 polygraph examinations were conducted.

In March 2015, the 88th DSP Recruit class began with the selection of 21 Recruit Troopers. In September 2015, the 89th DSP Recruit Class began with the selection of 14 Recruit Troopers. In total, 35 Recruit Troopers were hired in 2015 to replace retiring Troopers. During 2015 administrators processed over 2,200 applications for the position of Trooper.

DSP Recruiters attended over 100 career fairs/recruiting events, primarily in Delaware due to travel restrictions, facilitated numerous “How to Succeed” seminars, mentored recruits in training, conducted oral board interviews and screened applicants at the PT Tests.

In 2015, Human Resources processed over 400 applications to hire 27 full-time or casual seasonal civilian employees into various roles replacing those who separated or retired from the Division. The 911 Communication Centers and State Bureau of Identification continues to see the highest turnover of employees keeping the Section busy with testing, backgrounds, and interviews. The Human Resources Section extends a sincere thank you to the dozens of Delaware State Police employees, and retirees, who continue to actively recruit, test, investigate, and hire the future generation of troopers.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -