Captain Jason H. Sapp

The Delaware State Police Honor Guard Unit currently consists of 45 active members statewide. In order to be selected to join the Unit, members must demonstrate exceptional maintenance of their uniforms and equipment, strong military bearing and, most importantly, exemplary character. Membership in the Honor Guard also requires a commitment to training and a willingness to serve at a moment’s notice to represent the Division in honorable fashion. All Unit members are cross-trained to perform as members of color guards, to serve as pallbearers and as casket watch, to conduct flag folds and to conduct rifle volleys.

During the course of 2015, the Unit conducted six in-service training sessions and continued its training partnership with allied agencies by opening our training sessions to Honor Guard members from the University of Delaware Police Department, the Division of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, the Delaware Capitol Police, the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement and the Seaford Police Department.

Moreover, in April the Unit hosted an intense week-long training conference that was attended by a total of 54 police officers including Troopers representing the following agencies: the Alabama Highway Patrol, Connecticut State Police, Florida Highway Patrol, Idaho State Police, Maryland State Police, New York State Police, Oregon State Police, Pennsylvania State Police, South Dakota Highway Patrol, Texas Highway Patrol, Utah Highway Patrol, Virginia State Police and Wyoming Highway Patrol.

Throughout 2015, Honor Guard members participated in 54 events. The unit participated in DSP annual memorial service events in May at the DSP Academy and Legislative Hall and in December during the St. Polycarp’s Memorial Mass. This year Unit members were joined at St. Polycarp’s by members of the Pennsylvania and Maryland State Police Color Guards as we honored our fallen brother and sister Delaware troopers. In addition, the Unit participated in numerous other events such as the funeral services for Attorney General Beau Biden and multiple events sponsored by the Division, including conferences, promotional ceremonies and recruit class graduations.

Unit members were called upon to lay the following retired Divisional members to rest during 2015: Captain Peter Steil, Captain George Bullen, Lieutenant Raymond Querey, Sergeant Raymond Taralia and Corporal William Warren III. These five Troopers served the citizens of Delaware admirably and Unit members did their best to honor that service one final time!

Additionally, Unit members had the sobering honor of helping lay to rest the Reverend Colonel Oscar D. Frundt, the long-time spiritual leader of the Delaware State Police in his role as Chaplain. Again, Unit members did their very best to honor a man that stood beside every Trooper for over 50 years, marrying, counseling and even presiding over many funeral services for Fallen Troopers along the way. Father Frundt will surely be missed by Unit members.

Several members of the Unit are also assigned to the Motor Unit. During 2015, these members had the sobering honor of leading the Dignified Escorts of the following members of the United States Armed Services killed in action overseas from Dover Air Force Base to their respective home towns: Marine Captain Stanford Shaw, Marine Master Sergeant Thomas Saunders, Marine Staff Sergeant Andrew Seif, Air Force Staff Sergeant Joann Kurcan, Army Staff Sergeant Thomas Florich, Army Private Christopher Castaneda, Air Force Special Agent Joseph Lemm, Air Force Special Agent Louis Bonocasa, Air Force Special Agent Chester McBride, Air Force Special Agent Peter Taud, Air Force Special Agent Michael Cinco and Air Force Special Agent Adriana Vorderbruggen.

Lastly, members of the Honor Guard Unit represented the Division at the funeral services for the following brother officers that were killed in the line of duty during 2015: Police Officer Wen Jian Liu (New York City Police Department), Police Officer Robert Wilson III (Philadelphia Police Department), Trooper Donald Fredenburg Jr. (New York State Police), Trooper Anthony Raspa (New Jersey State Police), Trooper Eric Chrisman (Kentucky State Police), Senior Trooper Steven Vincent (Louisiana State Police), Trooper James Bava (Missouri State Highway Patrol), Trooper Chad Wolf (Michigan State Police), Trooper Kyle Young (Vermont State Police), Trooper Nathan-Michael Smith (Virginia State Police), Sergeant William Keesee (Texas Department of Public Safety), Police Officer Lloyd Reed Jr. (St. Clair Township Police, Pennsylvania), Police Officer Noah Leotta (Montgomery County Maryland Police Department) and Trooper Eli McCarson (New Jersey State Police).

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -