Nicholas Lano

The Forensic Firearms Services Unit was created in November 2006 to assist all law enforcement agencies in Delaware with the investigation of gun related and other violent crimes by examining firearms and ballistic related evidence collected during criminal investigations. The FFSU is staffed by Det. Nicholas Lano as the NIBIN / Brasstrax technician, James Cadigan who is the Forensic Firearms Examiner and Forensic Firearms Examiner Contractor Robert Freese, who also assists in the NIBIN matches.

From November 2006 through December 2017, 7,492 firearms related investigations have been submitted to the FFSU for examination. During 2017, a total of 934 firearms related cases were submitted for evaluation including, 48 murder investigations, 670 firearms, 2,507 cartridge cases and 521 bullet specimens were submitted to the unit, which provided forensic firearms services to 23 Delaware law enforcement agencies, as well as several federal law enforcement agencies. In addition to the submissions received by the FFSU, 245 IBIS/Brasstrax ballistic case matches were confirmed by the forensic firearms examiner. The examiner provided expert witness testimony regarding the results of the forensic ballistics examination and offered services such as firearm serial number restoration, gunshot distance determination testing, bullet trajectory work, and tool mark examinations to Delaware investigative agencies.

- Information obtained from 2017 DSP Annual Report -