Ms. Sandra L. Frazier

It is the Fiscal Control Section’s goal to provide efficient and professional financial services to the Division. To achieve this, members of the section strive to:
1) Pay all bills in a timely manner and in accordance with all laws, rules, regulations and policies
2) Make recommendations to the Administrative Officer – Budget concerning the appropriate internal allocation of funds to the Division’s cost centers
3) Provide expertise to the Executive Staff for the development of the division’s annual budget
4) Provide the Executive Staff with expertise in the determination of the fiscal impact of various proposals
5) Coordinate the fiscal implementation of those proposals

In conjunction with the Administrative Officer – Budget (Major), the section assists in the overall development, management and administration of the Division’s budget within the framework of all prevailing State, Federal, and Divisional laws, rules, regulations and policies. Specifically, Fiscal Control ensures compliance with all Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as promulgated by the Delaware Department of Finance and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), pre-audits all financial obligations for the Division, ensures authenticity before processing, and ensures compliance with all purchasing procedures. During 2015, members of the section continued to support the Delaware State Police Executive Staff by developing cost estimates associated with the size and timing of recruit classes, advising senior management on the budgetary impact of increased overtime usage, and the monitoring of the Division’s finances as they relate to the State’s economic situation. Fiscal Control continues to remain cognizant of all federal funding and spending guidelines.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -