DSP Honorary Commanders Program

This program partners Troop Commanders of the DSP with some of Delaware's distinguished community, civic and political leaders. The program encourages an exchange of ideas, experiences, and friendships between key leaders of the surrounding communities and the troop’s territory. By building and strengthening community relationships, commanders and honorary commanders can positively affect their community.

DSP Community Outreach Focus Groups

This program is comprised of COU members, citizens, and community leaders. The groups meet quarterly in each county to measure the effectiveness of existing community-based programs and explore new opportunities as it relates to community outreach.

Violence Reduction Network (VRN)

The VRN is a comprehensive program created by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance to leverage existing DOJ resources to deliver strategic, intensive training and technical assistance in an "all-hands" approach to reduce violence in some of the country’s most violent cities. The COU’s role in the VRN has been focused on outreach, education and prevention programs targeting juveniles within the City of Wilmington. Presentations have taken place in elementary, middle and high schools within the city and New Castle County schools with inner-city feeder patterns. In addition to the school venues, presentations have also taken place at Hicks-Anderson Community Center, the Sihk Center of Delaware and the Tarbiyah Muslim School. Typically, strengthening community/ police relations, mock crime reporting, drug and alcohol awareness, good decision making, conflict resolution are topics of discussion. In all, 37 visits were made at these venues with multiple presentations given on each visit.

Community Cafes

Troop commanders host a “meet and greet” at a public location within their troop’s jurisdiction

Operation Troopers Have Your Back Pack

In August and September officers will collect and distribute backpacks and school supplies to students in need. This is a statewide initiative. The officers partner with schools and businesses that help identify students who may not have the resources or means to obtain these items.

Kent County Crime Watch (KCCW)

Through a partnership with the Kent County Crime Watch program, the Delaware State Police attends their monthly meeting held at Kent County Levy Court in Dover. These meetings allow individuals the opportunity to speak with Troopers about problems they are having in their communities and allow DSP an opportunity to let community members know what crime trends, scams, or significant events are occurring where they live. Safety information is also provided.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Several communities have established or are currently establishing Neighborhood Watch Programs. These programs are designed to help the communities reduce crime and be aware of what is going on in the areas that they live. I help the communities with any issues they are having with the program and help the community establish a successful working program.

Mentor School Age Students

A partnership is established with different schools in the county and Troopers mentor school age children.

Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT)

SALT is an organization that is comprised of seniors, local community resources and law enforcement in Kent and Sussex County. Senior are given the opportunity to ask questions to law enforcement and be provided different resources that can assist them. DSP is able to provide them with valuable information to help keep them safe. This meeting is held at Milford Place in Milford.

Community and Home Safety Assessments

A Safety Assessment is completed on any community or home that a community member or homeowner has requested. These assessments provide information on what the community or home can do to help make it a safer place.

Safe Summer Day

Through a partnership with Kent County Levy Court and Safe Kids Delaware, each June Safe Summer Day is held at Brecknock Park, Camden. This free event draws several thousand individuals and the event provides demonstrations, tips, and handouts about how to stay safe.

Strong Community Initiative (SCI)

Each month First State Community Action Agency holds a SCI meeting. This meeting is focused on communities in Kent County that have been designated as higher crime and lower income by First State Community Action Agency. DSP is a partner with this initiative and provide support to these communities.

Community Based Education Programs

• Drug and alcohol awareness and resistance • Fraud and scams • Personal safety, protection and situational awareness • Conflict resolution/good decision making • Internet and social media safety • Babysitting safety • Law enforcement job elements and career information • CPTED (Crime prevention through environmental design) site assessments • Teen driving safety • Child stranger awareness and fingerprinting • VIPR

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The Delaware State Police is an equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.