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Delaware State Police


Mrs. Julie F. Willey

The Delaware State Police Crime Lab is located on the State Police Headquarters complex in Dover. Since its inception, the lab has provided services for numerous local and municipal police departments, federal agencies, and the Delaware State Police. Under the direction of Mrs. Julie Willey, the Crime Lab is staffed by five civilian employees. The lab is composed of four units specializing in blood and breath alcohol analysis, hairs and fibers analysis, questioned document analysis, and forensic and general photography.

Blood and Breath Alcohol: Forensic Chemists, David Sockrider and Julie Willey

In May 2009, Forensic Chemist, David Sockrider, retired after 35+ years of state service. Forensic Chemist, Debbie Louie, assumed the responsibilities for the blood and breath alcohol programs in Kent and Sussex counties. The Crime Lab Director, Julie Willey, continues to be responsible the blood and breath alcohol program in New Castle County. In December 2009 the Crime Lab welcomed new forensic chemist, Mrs. Cindy McCarthy. Upon completion of training she will assume responsibility for the breath alcohol program statewide.

The DSP Crime Lab continues to process the alcohol analysis on all dui/alcohol and dui/drug cases (except fatal accidents). Additionally, the DSP Crime Lab is the sole state lab responsible for the calibration checks of the intoxilyzer instruments utilized for breath alcohol analysis as well as training of operators of the instrumentation.

Statistics for 2009 include:

  • Blood alcohol cases: 1,658
  • Intoxilyzer calibration and certifications: 285
  • Intoxilyzer operators trained: 95
  • Intoxilyzer malfunctions and repairs: 12
  • Questioned Document Unit: Questioned Document Examiner, Georgia Carter

    In January 2009, Questioned Document Examiner, Georgia Carter retired after 30+ years of state service. Her position remains vacant within the Crime Lab. As such, law enforcement agencies in need of questioned document analysis must utilize a federal agency or pay for private services accordingly.

    Photography Unit: Photographer, Elisa Vassas

    • 35mm photograph reproduction and transmission of digital media to provide photographs on behalf of state to civil, defense, and prosecuting attorneys as well as other state agencies
    • Inclusive of all Troops and Special Units, Criminal & Traffic related, outside requests
    • Receipt and filing of (626) photographic cd’s from units utilizing division assigned digital cameras (Evidence Units, Collision Reconstruction Units)
    • Photographed studio portraits of numerous retiring troopers and new recruits
    • Provided (463) copies of CD and/or photos for Attorney General’s Office and/or other attorney’s offices
    • (1,235) photographs were taken of Divisional and other law enforcement agency requests
    • Ceremonial photographic assistance - promotional ceremonies, Superintendent’s Special Award, Secretary’s cabinet members, troop commanders’ special requests, Public Information Office, Graphics, DSP Newsletter, awards banquets, Annual Memorial Service, Trooper Youth Week, and Governor’s special assignment
    • Instructed “Crime Scene Photography” to students at the DSP Academy

    Hairs & Fibers Unit - Forensic Microscopist, Julie Willey

    • Performed analysis inclusive of homicides, hit and runs, fatal accidents, rape, bank robbery, and burglary
    • Due to the time commitment required for assisting the alcohol program, Julie continues to work on outstanding hair and fiber cases prioritizing based upon trial date.
    • Prepared for testimony in numerous cases
    • Instructed “Hair and Fiber Analysis” to students at the DSP Academy

    Crime Lab Director - Julie Willey

    As Crime Lab Director, Julie Willey has many different responsibilities. As described above, she is currently the forensic chemist responsible for the blood analysis and breath alcohol instruments in New Castle County. She likewise researches and works closely with the Attorney General’s Office in an attempt to make enhancements to the Blood and Breath Alcohol Program. She has written and managed an Office of Highway Safety grant specifically to benefit this program. Another responsibility is the chemist responsible for the calibration checks of the Delaware National Guard’s Ionscan instruments. Julie performed (24) calibration checks of the instruments to assure they are properly detecting drugs.

    The Crime Lab Director is responsible for the purchase and distribution of criminalistic supplies to the entire Division. Supplies such as evidence envelopes, fingerprint powder, fingerprint brushes, etc. are sent to the troops on a weekly basis upon request. Restocking likewise needs to occur so responsible purchasing of said products occurs throughout the year. Another criminalistic supply which is purchased and used by the sexual assault nurse examiners throughout hospitals statewide are rape kits. Julie coordinates with the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners and the Attorney General’s Office the review and changes to the State of Delaware Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit. She likewise obtains said funding for the purchase of these kits. In March 2009 the DSP Crime Lab had seen the completion of a laboratory improvement project. The Crime Lab Director is a Cost Center Manager. As such, she is responsible for the funding allocated to the Crime Lab cost center. Creative funding opportunities are constantly sought (grants, etc.) to incur the cost of the Crime Lab cost center expenses.

    Due to the popularity of currently televised forensic shows, Julie has been requested to speak to various groups on the topic of forensic science. She has delivered numerous presentations regarding careers in forensics at request of high schools, colleges, and libraries.

    - Information obtained from 2009 DSP Annual Report -

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