Mrs. Julie F. Willey

Since its inception, the Delaware State Police Crime Lab has provided services for numerous local and municipal police departments, federal agencies and the Delaware State Police. Under the direction of Mrs. Julie Willey, the Crime Lab is staffed by three civilian employees. The lab is composed of units specializing in blood alcohol analysis, breath alcohol analysis and hairs and fibers analysis.

Director Willey and forensic chemist Whitney Fitzwater conduct the alcohol analyses of all DUI/alcohol and DUI/drug cases (except fatal accidents) statewide. In 2015 they received 1,152 blood evidence kits for review and analyzed 1,241 samples for BAC. Forensic chemist Mrs. Cynthia McCarthy oversees the Breath Alcohol Program. The DSP Crime Lab is the sole state lab responsible for the calibration checks of the Intoxilyzer instruments utilized for breath alcohol analysis as well as the training of operators of the instrumentation. As a result of the statewide services provided by members of the Crime Lab, the staff received 2,291 subpoenas to appear in Delaware courts during 2015.

Mrs. Louie continues to assist Director Willey with administrative tasks such as filling evidence supply orders. Additionally, Mrs. Louie manages the DSP photo storage program, which includes responding to requests from attorneys and insurance companies for stored photographs.

In addition to the above services provided by the Crime Lab, Director Willey also performs calibration checks of the Ionscan instrument maintained by the Delaware National Guard. The Ionscan is used to detect trace amounts of illegal drugs and explosives. As cost center manager, Director Willey also manages funds allocated for the purchase of supplies used by the Forensic Firearms Services Unit, the Homicide Unit, the Crime Lab and the three statewide DSP evidence detection units and crash reconstruction units. Director Willey also serves as the DSP forensic microscopist and conducts hair and fiber analysis upon request.

- Information obtained from 2015 DSP Annual Report -