Manager Joseph E. Mulford

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The Communications Section consists of three 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), the Headquarters Communications Center, and a Management Team. The section is staffed by ninety-six employees and is responsible for:
• Answering 9-1-1 emergency lines and dispatching law enforcement personnel and equipment
• NCIC & NLETS control, alarm monitoring and alerting on-call teams
• Telecommunications administration including statewide radio, telephone, cellular and pager systems
• Mobile command center operations

The statistical breakdown of the section’s activities for 2016 is as follows:

RECOM (Staffing twenty-four full time and one casual seasonal position)
• Total Incidents Dispatched 95,660
• Total Incidents Handled Without Dispatch 37,918
• Total Incidents Handled 133,578
• Total 9-1-1 Calls Received 491,213
• Total Admin Calls 111,355

KENTCOM (Staffing twenty-four full time and one casual seasonal position)
• Total Incidents Dispatched 85,016
• Total Incidents Handled Without Dispatch 24,526
• Total Incidents Handled 109,542
• Total 9-1-1 Calls Received 92,734
• Total DSP Admin Calls 91,191

SUSCOM (Staffing twenty-four full time and one casual seasonal position)
• Total Incidents Dispatched 87,490
• Total Incidents Handled Without Dispatch 32,327
• Total Incidents Handled 119,817
• Total 9-1-1 Calls Received 109,820
• Total Admin Calls 132,451

HQ Communication is located at the DEMA building in Smyrna. There are fourteen full time Center personnel. Some of the Center’s responsibilities are for state-wide data entry into DelJis and monitoring the 24x7x365 NCIC Inlets position. The center personnel monitor the Salem Nuclear plant, State Building Alarm systems and are the state center for the RisSafe program. They also take after hour calls for the Medical Examiner’s office and Victim Services. The Communication Management Team consists of the Chief of Communication, Asst. Chief of Communication and a Manager for each center (six full time).

The Communications Section is currently involved with following projects:

State-Wide Deployment of the New World NET CAD System in All PSAP’s.
DSP completed the state-wide deployment of the new CAD system in all three 911 Centers. The Mobile CAD platform is also now in all DSP patrol cars and most of the municipal agencies for which DSP dispatches.

800MHz Radio System Upgrade
Delaware is in the process of doing a technical upgrade for the entire 800MHz radio system. As a result of this new technology, all current XTS portables and Spectra Mobile radios will need to be replaced by the end of 2024. The communication section is working with DivCom in preparation to meet the requirements. This is an ongoing project. As part of the project, the state is replacing the legacy portables for patrol officers.

Enhanced 911 Phone System Upgrade
The state completed upgrading its 911 phone system state-wide. West is the Vendor responsible to provide the infrastructure and support of the enhanced 911 system. The Communication Management Team is heavily involved in the planning and preparation to migrate the 911 Center phone systems over to the NextGen platform for Delaware. This was another large project for the Communication Management Team in 2016.

- Information obtained from 2016 DSP Annual Report -