Delaware State Police: Troop 1         |         603 Philadelphia Pike         |         Wilmington, DE 19809         |         302.761.6677
Captain Dennis Doubet
Lieutenant Gary Kresge
Criminal Lieutenant
Lieutenant Michael Eisenhardt
Traffic Lieutenant

Troop One has been an icon in the Penny Hill area since 1923. During 2003, the men and women of Troop One continued to enhance the quality of public service in the Penny Hill area. Under the command of Captain Dennis Doubet, Troopers provided service to the communities in the Claymont, Brandywine Hundred, Greenville, and Concord Pike areas through traditional police services in combination with innovative proactive initiatives. Those initiatives included the creation of the Troop One Bike Unit, the utilization of a Troop Detective to track crime trends, as well as Operation Cooperation. These programs were utilized to saturate the Rt. 202 corridor, target crimes, and develop professional relationships with merchants. Some of the Troop’s crime prevention strategies also utilized the resources of DSP support units, outside agencies, and private sector security agents.

The Troop One facility underwent internal improvements in 2003. It was the vision of Captain John Laird, who was the Troop Commander until October, to revitalize the interior of the Troop and pay tribute to Troopers of the past and present by exhibiting DSP memorabilia throughout the building. The renovations included a new desk area, lobby, main hallway, Troopers room and Sergeants office. The project ultimately displayed the Troopers pride of being the first Troop in the First State.

In April, Troop 1 developed a Bicycle Patrol Initiative to target Group A crimes along the Rt. 202 corridor. The Rt. 202 area had been the location for 60% of the Troop One thefts, and it was determined that an alternative, proactive police service was needed. This unit consisted of four self-motivated Troopers, who were trained by the Wilmington Police bicycle unit. Cpl/3 Brian Mulvena, Cpl. William Murray, Cpl. Chris Brown, and Trooper David Diana were selected for this assignment. The success of this unit is a tribute to the professionalism and commitment of these Troopers as well as the daily efforts and support given by their fellow shift mates. The unit produced the following enforcement results between April and December 2003:

  • 603 Complaints handled:
    45 Felony, 527 Misdemeanor,and 31 Drug related
  • 773 Criminal Charges:
    98 Felony, 675 Misdemeanor, and 75 Drug related
  • 269 Defendants arrested:
    190 Adults and 79 Juveniles
  • 822 Traffic Arrests:
    264 Parking citations and 558 Moving violations
  • 20 CPC/Juvenile contacts:
    13 CPC’s and 7 Juvenile contacts
  • 168 Local Fugitives arrested
  • 92 Vehicle searches
  • 2 Guns seized
  • $397.82 U.S. currency seized
  • $97,225.89 in Recovered Stolen Property
The Unit also achieved success in the area of illicit drug enforcement. The following seizures highlight their accomplishments in 2003:
  • 20.8 grams of Cocaine
  • 2.5 grams of Heroin
  • 64.5 grams of Marijuana
  • 62 Hypodermic Needles
  • 8 Bongs, pipes, and paper packs
  • 8 Weapons (5 knives, 1 night stick, 1 slap jack, and a 9” straight edge knife)
The Operation Cooperation program teamed Troop One personnel with members of DSP support units, whose efforts targeted crime trends occurring in the Troop area, such as thefts on Rt. 202 and burglaries on Philadelphia Pike. Projects conducted in 2003 produced some of the following results:
  • While working an Operation Cooperation burglary initiative, Trooper David Diana stopped a vehicle and discovered that the operator was on probation, in violation of his curfew and a convicted felon. An administrative search conducted in conjunction with probation and parole yielded a “Tech-9” machine pistol in the vehicle’s trunk. Subsequently, a “buy/bust” operation was setup and a second subject was arrested with 2.6 grams of “crack” cocaine.
  • Corporal David Myers conducted a traffic stop and discovered the operator to be in possession of a fictitious Delaware identification card. The operator was interviewed and information was gained about a fake ID outfit location in New Castle. While working as the Troop detective, Cpl. Myers assisted Captain Doubet with a vehicle stop that also involved fictitious Delaware identification cards. The suspects in this incident provided similar information about the fake ID card operation. Cpl. Myers contacted members of GTF, who obtained a search warrant for the business and seized several computers and tools used to make fraudulent identifications.
Another vital component of the public safety mission is to provide safe roadways for the motoring public. Troop One continued to provide service to heavily commuted highways in New Castle County including Interstate 95, Interstate 495, and Rt. 202, a major business corridor that links Delaware and Pennsylvania. In 2003, Troop One Troopers increased their traffic enforcement with 16,264 citations of which 392 were for driving under the influence. Troopers also raised their enforcement in terms of dangerous moving violations to 8,909 and seat belt assessments to 1,359. Since the inception of primary seatbelt violations in October, 324 citations have been issued.

Troop One maintained three highway safety strategies in 2003:awareness, education, and enforcement. The awareness and education strategies were carried out with the following initiatives:

  • Extensive use of the SCAT (Speed Commander Alert Trailer) on roadways where citizens requested police presence with school zones being a main area of focus.
  • The Fatal Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Team conducted 44 TEARS (Troopers Educating About Roadway Safety) presentations at area schools.
  • Labor Day weekend Operation Care added additional patrol units to highly commuted roadways and two fully marked spare vehicles on I-95 and I-495 at designated crossovers to slow traffic.
  • School Resource Officers assigned to schools in Troop One’s area conducted seatbelt safety checkpoints.

The strategy of enforcement is carried out largely through the efforts of the NCC TAC unit. With the mission of reducing traffic crashes through vigorous enforcement on I-95, I-495, and Delaware Route 1, the TAC unit worked diligently in 2003. While the unit is assigned to Troop 1, the TAC unit is comprised of Troopers from Troop 1, 6, and 9. In the second year of service, the unit averaged 113 traffic arrests per week. As a result of these traffic arrests the unit arrested 5 NCIC fugitives, including an escapee from Maryland. The unit also recovered three vehicles stolen from other states. 34 local fugitives were apprehended, 5 individuals were arrested on drug charges and 2 arrests were made for weapons offences. One of the local fugitives gave information on a shooting in Wilmington, which led to the arrest of a subject for attempted Murder 1st. and Robbery 1st.

The Fatal Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Team (FAIR) for New Castle County is stationed at Troop 1’s satellite troop, Troop 1A, at the Brandywine Town Center. In 2003, the FAIR Team investigated 61 fatal collisions and 5 serious injury collisions, and 31 of those investigations involved prosecution. The unit also investigated 6 departmental collisions and assisted the troops and local departments on 18 occasions. The unit also performed many presentations during 2003. A total of 44 “Troopers Educating About Roadway Safety” (T.E.A.R.S.) presentations were conducted reaching over 1200 school children. The unit also conducted three presentations to community groups on the duties and techniques of the FAIR Team to community groups.

Troop One personnel again demonstrated outstanding investigative and enforcement efforts during 2003. A few examples of dedicated and professional public service are as follows:

  • Cpl. Raymond Shatley stopped for a disabled vehicle in the interstate, and was advised that there was a medical emergency. Cpl. Shatley quickly assessed the medical condition of a passenger in the vehicle and determined that there was no heartbeat. Cpl. Shatley called for medical assistance and began CPR, reviving the individual before the paramedics arrived. It was later determined that the individual had overdosed on heroin and would have died if Cpl. Shatley had not taken action.
  • Corporal Steven Rizzo initiated a traffic stop for a vehicle that had no record found for registration. Corporal Rizzo’s investigation revealed that the driver of the vehicle had a small amount of marijuana and was taken into custody without incident. The passenger was determined by Corporal Rizzo’s investigation to have several active capiases for Robbery 1st, an active capias for Troop 3 for Robbery 1st, Burglary 2nd, and other related regarding a home invasion complaint out of Troop 3’s jurisdiction.
  • Recom advised Troop 1 units of a strong-arm robbery that had taken place in the parking lot of a shopping center located on Rt. 202. Recom broadcast a description of the vehicle. As Cpl. Ralph Flowers responded to the scene he observed a vehicle that fit the description of the suspect vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. Cpl. Flowers followed the vehicle until a second unit arrived and the vehicle was stopped. The 4 occupants in the vehicle were taken into custody. The victim's property was found inside the vehicle. The 4 suspects were also suspected of other strong-armed robberies and thefts in the area.
  • Cpl/2 Ralph Thomas was patrolling Rt. 1 when he spotted a vehicle at a high rate of speed. Cpl/2 Thomas began to pace that vehicle at which time he observed the female driver assaulting a young boy in the front seat. He was unaware at that time that the driver was a mental patient and had just abducted her son from a school in Wilmington and that Newport Police attempted to stop this same vehicle earlier. Cpl. Thomas stayed with the vehicle and ultimately rescued the boy from the driver.
  • In December, Troop One was awarded the Colonel’s Cup based on overall achievement by its Troopers in the annual physical fitness testing.

During 2003, Troop One Troopers continued the tradition of community service. This community service involved participation in annual events such as the Delaware Special Olympics Torch Run, the COPS run, and the Relay for Life. In addition, Cpl. Steve Rizzo volunteered his service as a Special Olympics running coach and Cpl. Jerry Huber continued his participation as the Troop 1 Explorers Post coordinator. Troopers who deserve recognition for their outstanding law enforcement efforts during 2003 include:

  • Troop 1 Trooper of the Year: Trooper David Diana
  • Troop 1 Crimefighters of the Year: Cpl/2 Brian Mulvena, Cpl. William Murray, Cpl. Chris Brown and Trooper David Diana
  • Troop 1 Auto Theft Ace: Corporal Roger Davis
  • Troop 1 DUI Enforcement Ace: TFC Andrew Hudak
Finally, the women and men of Troop One were proud to welcome home Cpl/2 Keith Janowski, Cpl. Ralph Flowers, and Cpl. Jerry Huber following their dedicated service to the Armed Forces during the past year. They rejoin a team of Troopers who continue to pursue the mission of providing compassionate and professional police services to the community we serve.