Captain Ronald W. Hagan

2012, marks the 42nd year of the Aviation Section and the 27th year of our Trooper-Medic Program.

The Section consists of 25 pilots and Medics providing 24 hour coverage from two locations (Georgetown and Middletown). During 2012 the Section flew 2,492 missions, transported approximately 234 trauma patients and flew 1,132 hours. The aircraft currently utilized include 4 helicopters, 3 Bell 407’s (2, 1999’s and 1, 2004), a Bell 412 (2007) and 1 fixed wing Cessna 182 (1980).

The Aviation Section’s primary missions are to provide rapid transport of critically sick or injured persons to medical facilities and to support law enforcement ground personnel in the apprehension of criminal suspects. The Section also conducts search and rescue operations, airborne security for visiting dignitaries, homeland security operations, photographic missions, narcotics interdiction, pursuit support and maritime security to name a few of the many missions.

In 2012, Cpl/1 Brett Creasy was assigned to the section to fill a vacancy. Cpl/1 Creasy completed initial flight training at Longhorn Helicopters and Bell Helicopter Training Academy and is in the process of completing his internal mission training. Cpl/1 Kevin Crossland was also assigned to the section as a temporary assigned duty and is currently completing his initial training at Horizon Helicopters in preparation for an anticipated vacancy in early 2013.

In 2011, four troopers were selected to attend paramedic training at Delaware Technical and Community College. We are happy to say all four to those individuals Cpl/3 Ed Sebastianelli, Cpl/2 Sean McDerby, Cpl/1 Steve Fausey and Cpl. Jennifer Potocki successfully completed the training and are now working as crew members in the Aviation Section. We also made selections for the upcoming paramedic class which begins in May of 2013. Those selected for that class are; Cpl/2 Elvin Thompson, Cpl/1 Jason Walker, Cpl. Wayne Ingram and Cpl. Samantha Joseph. These four troopers will be completing the same course and will be filling anticipated openings due to retirements and transfers. They will complete the course in the late summer or early fall of 2014.

In the Spring of 2012 Master Corporal Jeff Ford retired from the Division after 25 years of services of which almost 20 years were as a Trooper Medic. Then in December we were advised by Cpl/3 Ron Ferguson (Trooper Medic) and Sgt. Chris Dooner (Pilot) of their plan to retire in January 2013. Jeff, Ron and Chris have over 60 years of combined aviation experience. Their knowledge, skill, experience and friendship will surely be missed.

Delaware Air Rescue Team

The DART continues to enhance its training and capabilities. The volunteer firefighters who are part of this program are extremely committed and have used the year to build experience and camaraderie. In past years the training focus has been on training and operations in the Bell 412. This year while they continued training with that aircraft to maintain proficiency and certifications, they enhanced their training and capabilities in working with the Bell 407’s and long line maneuvers with that aircraft. The DART team was activated several times however no actual rescues where performed with them in 2012.

DSP/WPD Tactical EMS Missions 2012

Since the tactical EMS MOU began in 2008 between DSP and WPD, we have experienced a steady increase for calls for service between 10-12% annually. In 2011, our total activations were 210.0 and this was our busiest year until 2012. Our 2012 total from page one of this report was 295.0 total calls. This is an increase of 40 percent over 2011. Our other previous record was total activations in a single month, which was 35 and occurred in September 2011. In August of 2012, we surpassed that mark with a total number of activations in a single month at 39.

Critical incidents also went up a total of 38 percent from 14 in 2011 to 23 in 2012. Of the 23 critical incidents in 2012, seven of them were barricades within the City of Wilmington. This is a 600 percent increase from 2011 where only 1 barricade was within the City of Wilmington.

Medic Stand-by activity for academies, physical agility testing, training or EOD breaching also saw a large increase of 120 percent. In 2011 we had a total of 5 stand-by’s and in 2012 we had a total of 12 stand-by’s.

2012 AED Deployments:

Delaware State Police Aviation Section oversees the divisions AED program. In 2012 Troopers deployed their Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on 16 occasions, which met the criteria for download (pads-on-patient). The following is a summary of the utilizations:

• Eight utilizations where the AED analyzed followed by a “No Shock Advised” prompt. The patient was subsequently pronounced deceased.

• Three utilization where the AED analyzed followed by a “NO shock advised” prompt. Patient care was subsequently taken over by the paramedics. Upon arrival at the hospital the patient had a pulse.

• Three utilizations where the trooper administered multiple shocks followed by CPR. The patient was subsequently transported to the hospital where they were pronounced.

• Two utilization where the trooper administered multiple shocks followed by the patient having a spontaneous return of circulation (ROC). The patient arrived at the hospital alive.

Infectious Disease Exposures:

For the 2012 calendar year the Delaware State Police had a total of nine confirmed infectious disease exposures. In addition, there were a total of seven cases that did not meet the exposure criteria; however, these incidences were documented and placed in a file.

Of significant importance: There was one incident this year involving exposure to scabies. In addition to receiving medical evaluation and treatment for those troopers who were exposed, this incident required extensive decontamination of the state police facilities to include vehicles.



- Information obtained from 2012 DSP Annual Report -


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